Ready to Realize Your Boundless Potential?

Feel inspired and empowered as you explore the AOTA Experience and connect with volunteers and AOTA staff ready to guide you on the latest AOTA essential practice resources, tools to help develop and grow your career, ways to advocate for OT, and exciting volunteer opportunities.

Collect special ribbons to be entered into a raffle for a FREE AOTA INSPIRE 2024 Conference registration in Orlando, FL!

You’ll also find:

  • AOTA’s Boardwalk to connect with AOTA board members and hear about their area of AOTA passion.
  • AOTA Press books and AOTA CE courses to support you on your professional journey.
  • OT Month and AOTA branded products to help you demonstrate your OT pride and passion, and promote the profession.

Let AOTA empower you to be your passionate and creative best, no matter where you are in your professional journey. The AOTA Experience will be located in Hall D, next to the Expo Hall.

AOTA Experience Booth